Legislative Chair: Open

Our Legislative Chair will help keep your local PTSA informed on the latest issues and bills in Olympia that effect our students and educators. If you do not have a Legislative Chair for your PTSA, you should consider asking a volunteer to serve in this position. Our Legislative Chair can help your local PTSA understand the importance of being involved in advocating for our students. For more information, click on the Advocacy page of the Washington State PTA website.

Our short-term platform for the next two years will be:
Top Five
1. Social Emotional Learning*
2. Amply Fund Basic Education*
3. Closing the Opportunity Gap*
4. Standards for Para-educators* 
5. Breakfast after the Bell*
Issues Also Supported (listed alphabetically)
- Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Children*
- Engaging Families in Student Success
- Post-Secondary Higher Education*
- Removing Barriers to implementing ECEAP (Early Childhood 
Education and Assistance Program)
- Restorative Justice and School Safety
*2015-16 legislative issues